Presentation to the Lodge of Bro Roger Bendell's Founders Jewel

by his widow Mrs Sue Bendell 12th January 2007

W.M. and Brethren - Thank you for allowing me to be here tonight

You - Gentlemen have a big advantage over me - you have a little blue book - it tells you what to say on all occasions.

However, as in Scouting 'I will do my best' in the absence of this assistance.

Roger's Masonic life was very important to him. Although he hated learning words and I dreaded the appearence of his little blue book this was more than compensated by the evenings that he enjoyed with you and the old friendships that were renewed and new ones made.

Scouting was something that started with joining Scouts as a boy and continued all his life. He supported me in my role with Exeter and District Scouts and enjoyed helping with the annual Christmas Post.

With the formation of the Scout Lodge two huge parts of his life were joined and I know he felt privileged to be a Founder Member.

He would have been very proud to have this presented to the Lodge tonight.