Address on the Object of the Meeting
for the Consecration of The Scout Lodge No. 9783.

by R.W.Bro Robin O. Osborn,Provincial Grand Master

Today we assemble to share what I am sure will be an exciting and memorable occasion. 

The Scout Lodge to be consecrated was conceived some 4 years ago. It seems to have been a long time before it has come to fruition, but that cannot be detrimental as it is far better to ensure to get it right from the start, rather than to flounder in the initial stages of its existence.

In the early days when organising any new lodge, there is much to be done. In this case an approach had to be made to brethren with a Scouting background and who were sufficiently interested and able to become a Founder. It is gratifying to note that in this respect there are 27 Petitioners who between them offer a wealth of experienced Past Masters, coupled with younger brethren who will be appointed to offices, which if all goes well, will see them progressing to the chair, the first being in 3 years time when the lodge has had time to settle down. This to me is a wonderful encouragement and I commend the Petitioners for their foresight

I must stress, however, the importance of loyalty, which everyone should understand. Why do I mention this?

First of all you will all have a loyalty to this new lodge and no doubt will be very proud that you are to become one of the Founders, but I would remind you, you equally owe a debt of gratitude and loyalty to your Mother Lodge from whence you derived your Masonic birth and infant nurture, and it is expected that you will continue to support it with all your strength of body and mind

The Scouting movement founded by Lord Baden-Powell in 1908, and the principles and aims laid down in his "Scouting for Boys" published at the same time, bear a very close affinity to those by which we as Freemasons try to live our lives.

I make no apology therefore for referring to the explanation printed on the back of the Consecration Brochure.

The VSL is one of the great lights, which should guide us to all truth, direct our steps in the path of happiness and point out the whole duty of man.

In same way the Scout 'Arrow Head' was taken from the North Point and similarly points out the way to go.

The two five pointed stars stand for truth and knowledge and can be compared with the square which regulates our life and actions; the ten points representing the original ten Scout Laws similarly can be compared to the compass which keep us within due bounds with all mankind

The encircling rope symbolises to me unity and family of the World Scout Movement, and the reef knot, which cannot be undone no matter how hard it is pulled, is symbolic of the strength of World Scouting. The colour gold represents 'Purity' and the purple ground 'Leadership and Service’.

Brethren, in Masonic terms we sum up these words as meaning 'Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth’