Our Lodge Emblem

The Scout Lodge Emblem

The emblem of our Lodge was initially suggested by much-missed former member Roger Bendell who drew a rough, some would say very rough, design.

rough design

This was provisionally accepted by the prospective founders, and it was left to Roger's son Mark to further develop the design.

Taking the rough design it was developed in various forms, adjusting the proportions so that a correct Scout Badge was used

Less rough design

In one form the compass points were passed through the stars of the Scout Badge, but this was eventually rejected. This can be seen in the first use of the rope surround tied with a reef knot (aka square knot). This is a feature on the World Scout Organisation Badge (Crest) and is used in the United Kingdom, and other Countries as the Membership Badge of the Scout Movement.

Roped image
World Membership Badge
After UGLE approval was given for the Lodge to be formed the Lodge Emblem was reworked again with the following instruction:

Purple ground with gold symbols and number.  Round shape not square, using the rope as the outer edge. With compass behind the Arrowhead not with points piecing! Compass points over the square.


Which led to the final design.