Consecration Ceremony
Tuesday 14th September  2004
Belgrave Hotel, Torquay

Finally, for some after four and a half years, and after two and a half years of intense planning The Scout Lodge, No 9783 was consecrated and formed as a regular lodge in the Masonic Province of Devonshire under the constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England.

In the presence of Freemasons from all over the Province of Devonshire and its neighbouring Provinces, from other similar Lodges (Impeesa (Gloucestershire), Venturer (Essex) and Juventus (Metropolitan) and further afield) and from our sponsors The Trinity Lodge, R.W.Bro Robin O. Osborn, the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Devonshire, and his team of Provincial Officers consecrated the Scout Lodge for its Master, W. Brother Robin Salter and the other 26 petitioners (founders)

Consecrating Officers

The Consecrating Officers from The Provincial Lodge of Devonshire

R.W.Bro Robin O. Osborn PGM.


There were many interesting parts to the ceremony which will not be recorded here, as we would not wish to spoil the event for those who have not, but may in the future, witness a Consecration Ceremony. 

Consecration Programme

Consecration Programme


The Consecrating Officer, R.W.Bro Robin O. Osborn PGM, gave an address on the object of the meeting which is recorded here. It more than adequately set the tone for what followed.

A very moving and apt Oration on the Natures and Principles of the Institution was given by W.Bro P. Louis Baycock PJGD, Provincial Grand Chaplain, for those who hold both Scouting and Freemasonry dear to their hearts it is recorded here.


The Founders of The Scout Lodge No 9783 W.Brother Robin W. Salter PAGDC,

first Master of the Lodge (centre).


At the front of the two above photographs you may have noticed a book on a cushion, This is a Bible, or in Masonic terms, Volume of the Sacred Law, given to the Lodge by W.Bro P.R.G PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire, and is one of several gifts the Lodge received to mark its founding.

The cushion is covered in purple with gold cording, colours that reflect our Lodge Emblem, the cushion within is part of the furnishings and regalia of Juventus Lodge No 6473, that have been gifted to us upon the unfortunate closure of that Lodge for the continueing use by a "Scouting Lodge"

As the Consecration Ceremony finished the first meeting of The Scout Lodge no 9783 started and then concluded with a hymn, in most Lodges this is a paticulary Masonic Ode, but for us, and the tradition has to start somewhere, we sung "The Scout Hymn" by Ralph Reader.

Scout Hymn

The Scout Hymn by Ralph Reader to be sung at every meeting of The Scout Lodge.


After the Consecration the Lodge Room was rearranged to accomodate the "Festive Board", the traditional post formal meal when 156 Freemasons enjoyed good food (menu), good wines and beers, good company and good speeches.

But don't just take our word for it that it was a good day....

Dear W.Bro. Tripp,
May I add my congratulations and thanks to the many that I am sure you have already received, for the most impressive and successful Consecration of the Scout Lodge No.9783.
I came as the guest of one of your Petitioners, W.Bro. J S,  and am delighted to have done so. It was the first time that I had attended a Consecration of a new Lodge, and I was enthralled by every minute of it.
My congratulations to you and your team for such a successful launching of the new Scout Lodge.

P.R.K.F.    W.M. Jordan Lodge No.1402