Our Worshipful Master for 2012/13

W.Bro Andy Atkinson

Who are we?

A new(ish) Freemasons' Lodge suitable for Existing and potential Masons who have either made at some time in their life a Scout Promise or have served a minimum of three years in Adult service to Scouting.

We meet in Buckfastleigh, Devon, four times a year, and have members from throughout Devon.

UGLE approval for the Lodge was given on June 9th 2004, Warrant effective from 10th March 2004 and was Consecrated on 14th September 2004.

How can I find out more?

Examine some (all!) of the our website pages listed on the left.

If an existing Mason, then we would welcome you as a visitor or even as a joining Member. 

If not a Mason then as an potential initiate. (You may wish to look at the Web Site of the United Grand Lodge of England for more information on Freemasonary).

Either way please contact us.


In 2000, one of our founders who was already a member of a Scouting Lodge in another Province and knowing that there were a number of existing Masons in the Province of Devonshire who were also Scouters realised that there was an opportunity to form a Lodge where the members were of a like mind and interest.

The parallels between the two organisations, their aims and principals are so very similar that the marrying of the two movements into a Scouting Lodge seemed quite natural.

Membership to the Lodge would be restricted to those who at some time in their life have taken a Scout Promise or who whilst an adult have provided service to the Scout Association for at least three years. (Whilst UGLE no longer permits restricted Lodges it would be unlikely that the existing Brethren would consider a prospective member who has no links to Scouting.)

It is the intention of the new Lodge to give support to Scouting and other youth movements, particularly within Devonshire.

What do we wear?

Dark Suit, Black, Provincial or Grand Lodge Tie and White Gloves. In March those entitled to wear Scout Uniform may (and most do!).